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"Very pleasant holidays with friends and children. The area is rich in attractions (crafts, castle Museum…). Nature is a wonderful gift for cyclists. The house has a warm family atmosphere (August 2009)

"Swings, cabanas, frozen puddles, a treat !" (January 2008)

"One can imagine a much loved house that would have much to tell... It allowed us a nice week of family reunion. Thank you, it is precious! (September 2009)

"I loved the cottage and the castle of Guédelon and we celebrated my 9 year old birthday". (July 2009)

"This house has something that feels like “grandma's house" by its dishes and old furniture. This allowed the children to show some funny stuff." (August 2012)

"The place itself takes us by the hand to guide us to his" mysteries ": traces of Carrouée family who welcome us with kindness, the exhalations at night in the rooms, ... " (July 2013)

"Total disconnecting with the everyday life! I find it very very well that there is no internet : it is a return to real life and our teens can live it only here. Here they are alone with ... books! Card games, board games, radio, philosophical conversations, dreams ... family life “ (July 2013)

"We found ourselves here like at home. Stove in the kitchen, large table for large familly, everything was there to spend a good time. Thank you for the game room that has enabled the small kids to play happily! " (December 2013)

"Thank you to Valerie and Frederique for their talent and host of "guides" in the region. We will have to come back next year to watch the rest!" (July 2014)




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